Guaranteed COVID Cancellation Policy

Learn about how you can stay at Golden Sand and be guaranteed - from lockdown refunds, QR codes, contactless payment and check in, COVID cleaning techniques add up to make staying at Golden Sand and Driftwood a safe and pleasurable experience!

Yes we know how disappointing it is to have your bookings disappear because of a COVID-19 lockdown being imposed by the authorities! WE feel your pain!

Here at Cable Bay Stays - Driftwood and Golden Sand Beachfront Accommodations we can assure our potential guests: 

  • We are open for essential workers to stay
  • If you have a booking during a NZ lockdown period, we would love you to rebook for a later date. We don't mind shifting the bookings out to a time you think suits and making changes to this if needed.
  • You are entitled to a refund for your booking but ask that you contact us direct please on [email protected] or 021 408191
Ashley and Co toiletries throughout Goldensand

What Level 3 means for your stay at Golden Sand

Keep track of where you have been. 

We have provided QR codes for all rooms and if you could please scan in your arrival as this is now mandatory at all alert levels

Maintain good hygiene

It is important that you use basic hygiene measures, including washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and cleaning surfaces. We have provided cleaning cloths and 99% bacterial cleanser in all our rooms for guests' use. We have taken magazines and pens and guest books out of our rooms at this level. Trusting you understand. 

If you are unwell or at risk:

You should not travel if you:

  • have been requested to self-isolate
  • have symptoms of COVID-19
  • are awaiting a COVID-19 test result.

If you are unwell or at risk, you should not leave your home at all. Of course if you let us know, we will cancel your booking at no charge.

Contactless Stays

At Cable Bay Stays, your arrival is contactless with our rooms' ranch slider open and the key in the room. If you are having difficulty finding us, please call us on 021408191

Contactless payments

You can pay online into our bank account or privide credit card details to make a payment. During Alert Level 3 we are not able to accept cash payments. 

Covid Clean

What we are doing to ensure our rooms are safe and clean: 

Our staff  wash their hands and wear PPE when cleaning

All room surfaces are cleaned, clean linen installed then high touch areas are sanitised Then the room is checked and restocked. 





Posted by Rosemary Archibald on September 01, 2021